Tuesday 21 January 2020

Sorting Clothing.

Peggy Sue decided to sort out her basket of clothes.  

She wanted to put some in her travel trunk so she has easy access to them whilst the rest remained packed away.

The top drawer was perfect for her tights, socks and underwear

She hangs up her choice of clothes.

She hopes they will all fit!

She stacks her bags on the shelf and her lunch box. 

The other two drawers contain her hats and her cardigans.

All okay.

Clothes are all hanging up except a few coats which she has folded and put on the bottom.

Ta da!  All done.

Time for a rest with Little Owen now.


  1. Peggy Sue is so organized. I could use her services here (chuckle). I like how neat she has made her closet.

  2. Very tidy Peggy Sue. I thought for a moment that she was about to pack a suitcase to travel overseas when I read the words 'travel trunk'.

  3. Great work, Peggy Sue. I'm a bit tired out just watching you!


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