Sunday 19 January 2020

Curating a Collection

I still haven't fully refined my goals for my 'Year of Twenty', however, some things are becoming clearer in my mind about where I want my focus to be.  We have been discussing 'Curating a Collection' on a group I am on.

I believe at this stage that a lot of my 'other' dolls will now essentially be leaving, although the process might be slow.  I am now thinking that my group of 'twenty' will be 'any other' dolls that I want to keep apart from my Sasha/Gregor & Schoenhut, who will remain my core group - and I think I will also be pairing down them a bit.  I will be selling all but one of my Course dolls as well.  I will keep my blonde girl with the pigtails/plaits.  This will significantly reduce my collection and I think I will start to enjoy and focus better.  It is very easy to be 'led astray' and go in all sorts of different directions and the last few years it has been a bit like that as I guess in a way I have experimented with what I like and don't like. Although have to say on a whole I like them all!


  1. It will be interesting to see what you decide to keep and what to re-home. I like the idea of having a collection rather than dolls stacked in boxes, which is what I have.

    I am going to give your idea serious thought. I probably need to do the same with books.

    1. Ah now, books are something else again! We have literally thousands of books. I am slowly trying to go through them and give some to various charities, but not having a TV, books are pretty important to us. I have always read voraciously.


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