Wednesday 10 November 2021

Postcard Swap - Wren receives her fourth card!

Wren is delighted to receive her fourth postcard

She thinks this postcard swap is such fun, and hopes that more people will join in.

Oh look, the card shoes places in Bath.

It is from her friend Ada Makie (and Ada's person, Jessica)

She is thrilled that Ada managed to get this postcard to send to her.  

Wren's person has been to Bath, many years ago now when she was home-educating The Sailor.  It was so fascinating to visit with all its Roman history.  Wren hopes she will get to visit Bath one day.

Thank you Ada for this lovely postcard.  It was fun to see the lovely pictures of places in Bath.  



  1. How lovely! I’m so glad it got there. I hope Wren could read my handwriting! Ada and I had so much fun. Thank you 😊

    1. Thank you for taking part, it was fun! Thank you for visiting the blog, and leaving the comment, it is really appreciated.


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