Sunday, 17 June 2018

ADAD June Ravelry Challenge - Days 8 - 14

June 8 prompt: With the doll you have had for the longest time. If you don’t have access to the doll right now maybe you could bring up a photo on your screen and take a pic with that, or a similar doll found online.

I am not sure which doll I have had the longest, but it is one of the following three: A Palitoy doll that walked and talked, Katie Copycat or my little Perfekta doll ‘Little Miss’. I have just taken a photo of Linda with Julie, but might get a photo of all three together as I always remember all three dolls. So will add a photo later today, particularly as this one didn’t come out very well as it is too bright.

June 9 prompt: June is traditionally wedding month. Pose your doll dressed for a wedding, with your wedding pic, with an ancestor’s wedding pic, with one of the traditional things one carries at a wedding: something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue, or with several of these ideas at once.

I would have liked to have posed Julie with a photo of my son’s wedding that happened earlier this year. It was amazing, but I still don’t have any photos of it…so we had to compromise - she decided to ‘gate crash’ the NASB wedding party instead.

June 10 prompt: Next to a family heirloom or just something old.

An old bear I bought in NZ from an antique shop many years ago in NZ, my husband’s grandmother’s old Bible and Peggy Sue who of course insists, that she actually isn’t old!

June 11 prompt: Under something

My take on ‘Under Something’ is…. Rose petals ‘underfoot’

June 12 prompt: Looking out a window

Julie looks out the window at the roses. The sun is missing today…

June 13 prompt: With needlework, not something meant for your doll to wear

I could have used lots of different items for this prompt as I have done a lot of needlework over the years, from making tote bags, cosmetic purses, soft toys, quilting, children’s clothes and shoes, cross stitch, embroidery…. but the first thing that sprang to mind was this lovely hand sewn picture made from felt that I bought a few years back now that has on the back  ‘With much love, Evelyn, May 1949’

June 14 prompt: Monochromatic - try to make the whole photo, with the exception of the doll’s vinyl and hair, various shades of a single colour, it can be your favourite colour, or if you’re like me and don’t have one, any colour. 

Well for today’s prompt I had wanted to stand the items up, but for lack of space, I ended up having to do a Flat Lay which wasn’t what I originally intended for Monochrome - so this probably isn’t exactly what is looked for, but I have stuck to the theme of one colour predominantly of yellow.  There is a mixture of childhood dolls, various toys, misc items and a doll Mum gave me a couple of years ago before her Alzheimer’s got too bad. She thought the doll was her childhood doll, so that in itself makes her special.


  1. More fun photos. Love the various yellow shoes included in the last photo.

  2. You have been very creative, and I like the monochrome themed photo.
    Peggy Sue, of course, will stay forever young!

  3. Great photos. The yellow composition is quite striking, and the felt picture was quite a find. It's especially cool that the maker dated it. And of course it's always a treat to see the ever lovely (and ageless) Peggy Sue!


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