Tuesday, 26 June 2018

ADAD June Ravelry Challenge - Days 15 - 21

June 15 prompt: Blinged - with or wearing some of your jewelry or someone else’s. You say you don’t have any jewelry? Surely one of your dolls does. Other ideas: jewelry box, jewelry display.

Julie enjoys looking at all the different brooches on this cushion.  The sparkly blue one belonged to her person's grandmother.

June 16 prompt: Good night, sweet doll, or good morning. Jammies if you have them.

Sleep tight Julie...she is snuggled up with Nancy's little bear friend.

June 17 prompt: In/with a hand, yours or someone else’s. 

Not especially inspiring...

June 18 prompt: Wearing someone else’s clothes or shoes. The someone doesn’t have to be a doll.

Julie borrows Nancy's dress to wear as a top with her denim skirt.

June 19 prompt: With something tiny, the tinier the better.

A tiny flower from the garden 

June 20 prompt: What’s in your purse? Spread out the contents, squeeze the doll in the photo. Don’t want to share your purse contents? Put the doll in your purse, or maybe it’s the doll’s purse and contents.

To make up for me not being able to go to the Sasha Festival in the USA again this year, hubby took me for a short break to the IOW.  A purse in the USA is a bag to us in the UK, and while on holiday to evenly distribute the weight I use a small backpack which contains various necessary and perhaps unnecessary items, plus some travel companions.

June 21 prompt: Mail - Checking the mail. Not going to your mailbox today? Take her photo with some mail, or writing a letter.

Writing a card for her person's mother.  Yikes better get it posted!

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