Monday 11 February 2019

Shall we have a Valentine's Day Party?

We should have a Valentine's Day Party.  Ziva suggests to the other girls

We could, replies Cora, but the trouble is Mum says she doesn't know where all the decorations are.  

We could make our own.  Ziva  suggests.

Or we could try and find them Cora says.  

As long as we don't make a mess Mum says.  Peggy Sue tells the girls.  Apparently she is soooo busy this week trying to tidy up everything and get things ready for her trip to NZ next week.  

I might know where they are.  Emily tells them.  Shall I go and have a look.

Please do!  The girls tell her.


  1. Oh great a Valentine's Day party! I can't wait to see what the girls come up with.

  2. I love Valentine’s! One year I shall have to think ahead enough to send out Valentine's Day cards,


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