Monday, 27 August 2018

A Puppet Show

On the Schoenhut Cafe we are having a little August photo can be summer themed, or winter depending on what part of the hemisphere you live!  I wanted to do a summer theme, but August hasn't quite been as conducive as I had hoped weather wise, but today I managed to take a few photos of the Schoenhut children watching a puppet show. 

Peggy Sue presents a puppet show for the children

She tells the story....

They all watch intently

completely enthralled by the show.

Rebekah Grace gasps with excitment

A great way to enjoy a bank holiday Monday afternoon.


  1. Ah, so that's what Henry was hard at work making! It turned out great. I like the fabric you used.

  2. Brilliant - I wonder what the puppet story was all about.

    1. I see a frog, so I would bet Rory was involved in the production.


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