Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Peggy Sue Welcomes in August

I am going to endeavour to post a bit more this month!  I just need to find my enthusiasm and imagination that has been awol for far too long.  Hopefully there will be more Sasha/Gregor pictures for those who prefer these dolls as well.  I seem to be in a 'Well what shall I do with them?  How do I pose them?  Should I bother setting up a scene? kind of funk.  I look at them, think about it and then walk away.  Poor things.


  1. Love this outfit on her. Very becoming.
    I look forward to anything you post ☺️

  2. I'm glad to see Peggy Sue is wearing a hat in this hot weather, and keeping to the shade. It is hard setting up a scene when it is really hot, it takes time and patience as well as that much needed inspiration. Hopefully we'll have fun setting up a certain doll scene together soon.

  3. Stunning outfit! It looks wonderful on Peggy Sue. I know what you mean. That first step from idea to execution can be very difficult!


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