Saturday, 4 August 2018

ADAD Challenge August 1 - 4

I'm doing another photo challenge this month, but not necessarily using the same doll every day.  So far it seems that the Trolls have been favoured.  They are such fun little characters and are enjoying some time in the limelight.  I am choosing the daily prompts from two lists, and so far have managed to combine both promps in each photo.

Day 1:  Prompts  'My Vice' & 'Extreme'

My current VICE is Trolls, and well Tabitha Troll is also EXTREMEly cute.


Day 2:  'Fun' & 'Bright'

Sam the Sailor Troll, thought it was great FUN playing hide and seek but his BRIGHT hair gave him away!


Day 3: 'I Feel' and 'Leaf'

Today it has been over 30 degrees again, so Sam the Sailor troll felt like running around with no clothes on...
Of course when he realized I was out with my camera...

he FEELs rather bashful and hid behind a LEAF or two!


Day 4: 'Weekend Vibes' & 'Sport'

WEEKEND VIBES ...Sam and Sidney take the SPORT of relaxation very seriously.


  1. Very cute. Sam does indeed look very bashful in that photo.

  2. Such cute interpretations of the theme. Very creative.


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