Wednesday 6 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Six

Looks like the twins Connor and James are the early birds this morning and keen to open the Advent calendar today.

Can't believe the other boys aren't here already.  Connor says to James.

I know, aren't we the lucky ones?  I told you it pays to get up a bit earlier.  James replied to Connor.

It is looking pretty good isn't it?  James says as he and Connor have a look at how the scene is coming together.

Sure is.  Agreed Connor.

So who shall open the door today?  

I wonder who will find the door first.

There it is.  Connor says pointing out the door for number six.  I'll open it shall I?

Why not, I can open it tomorrow if we manage to get up early again.  James tells him.

Connor starts to open the door

That's it...

...reaches in...

and pulls out a package.

Ooh look.  He says as he holds up the little bag to show James.

Looks like it might be that canon the boys were talking about yesterday.  James says.

Look it most certainly is.  Connor shows James

Let's see if this little black thing fits... James says as he holds it up while Connor holds the canon.

Easy does it.

Brilliant!  A perfect fit.  Both boys say together.

I'm going to put it down here next to the barrels of gunpowder.  Connor tells James. 

Well that was a job well done.  Don't you agree James?  Connor asks James.

Most definitely Connor.  Replies James.


  1. What a team they make, and such stylish dressers too!

  2. I'm glad they were being careful while assembling that cannon.


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