Wednesday 27 December 2017

Puzzles on a Wet Day

It is pretty bleak outside today.  This morning it was very windy with snow flurries and now it is just plain wet and grey!  The perfect way to spend such a day is inside in the warm with a puzzle.

Lewis and Peggy Sue decide to do one of the Wentworth Christmas puzzles.

I think we need a board to do it on.  Peggy Sue suggests.

Good idea, agrees Lewis.

A few minutes later they have made a good start.

Little Owen helps them, whilst Duffy the bear looks on.

It doesn't take them long...

Almost finished, just the novelty character pieces to put in.

Let's give Little Owen a clap for helping us.  Peggy Sue suggests.

Thank you for your help Owen.  Lewis says as he gives him a clap.

What a fun little puzzle that was.


  1. Perfect little puzzle for a gray day!

  2. I love how realistically Peggy Sue and Lewis can pose. Good job kids!

    1. I do as well. Perfect posing for stories.

  3. I thought just the same as Steve - it's great how the two can pose. And it's a pretty puzzle!

    1. That is just what I love so much about these dolls, they pose so well.


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