Sunday 3 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Three

Hi Edward.  Henry and Caleb greet Edward.

Do you want to open the door on the Advent Calendar today?  Henry asks.

Oh yes indeed.  Replies Edward.

The boys look for door number three.

It doesn't take long for Edward to spot it.

What have you got there?  Caleb asks, as Edward shows them what he has found.

Looks like it is the pirate's crutch and money bag.  Henry says.

I'll put them down here by the boat for now, Edward says, in case the pirate needs them.

The pirate does look like he has a peg leg, so if he has to walk any great distance he might well need the assistance of a crutch!

Shall we stay and play a while?  Henry asks the boys.

Sounds like a grand idea to me. Edward replies.


  1. A very cool advent calendar, boys! The boys of Gregoropolis are reading it every day to see what's next for the pirates! John

    1. It is a great Advent calendar, and the boys are enjoying it - glad the Gregoropolis boys are enjoying it as well.

  2. My boys say they are a little envious... but they like reading the blog anyway.

    1. My boys love their advent calendars, they are such fun. Glad your boys enjoy reading the blog.


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