Thursday 7 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Seven

Connor and James were on the ball again this morning, up bright and early before the other lads.

It is James' turn to open the door today and it didn't take him long to find number seven.

He opens it up.

Reaches inside

Oh!  he is running away from me! 

Which of course intrigues Connor.

Look!  James says as he holds out his hand for Connor to have a look.

Oh my, a seagull!  Connor says.

James can't quite believe his eyes.

I pop him down here and then he can decide where he wants to go. Says James as he reaches down.

He wonders if the seagull will hope off his hand.

Fortunately he does.

He is a little quiet after being shut up in the calendar.

I am sure he will be alright soon.  Connor tells James.

The boys settle down to play for a while.


  1. Now the little pirate can defend himself, and he can send out the seagull to look out for enemies.
    This year's Playmo calendar is a lot of fun!

  2. I wonder if that seagull is going to move around the scene and be in a different place every time the boys return, he has a cheeky look in his eye even if a bit quiet.


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