Sunday 10 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Ten

The area surrounding the Advent calendar is a hive of activity this morning.  

Thomas is excited that it is finally his turn to have a go at opening a door.

He has a look to see if he can spot the number ten.

Here it is!  He cries.  It is a BIG door as well!

Caleb comes over to have a look.

Rory is oblivious to it all as he is absorbed in playing with the scene whilst watched by Henry and Gwilym.

Look, I wonder what is in here?  Thomas holds up the package to show the boys.

Rory suddenly realises what is going on and gets up to have a look.

A fishing rod and some fish - cool!  Thomas says.

Now the pirate and seagull won't go hungry.

Thomas gets down to set up the fishing rod where he thinks it should go.

Looks like the pirate might be cheering and watch out that seagull is going to take a fish if you are not careful.

Well that was good fun wasn't it boys?


  1. YES!! I knew it! There is some fish for the seagull! It's a great calendar.

    1. You did indeed! How clever!! It is a really fun calendar. The boys are loving it.


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