Saturday 30 December 2017

A Day at the Circus

It is wild and windy out today and those lazy days in between Christmas and the New Year.  

Peggy Sue and Lewis decided to play circus games today.

They had fun setting it all up

Lewis wanted to work with the ponies.

Peggy Sue acted as the lion tamer...

The elephant was already well trained

and knew just what to do.

The acrobat showed off her skipping talents.

They had a lot of fun and it kept them busy for hours.


  1. Looks like Peggy Sue and Lewis had a lot of fun playing with the circus toys!

  2. Your children have Humpty Dumpty Circus animals!
    They are sometimes on auction in Ladenburg, but never near my budget. I also thought they are to small to work with Sasha, but they do in fact look good. So, maybe I'll have to save a little until next summer when there will be another auction.

  3. So fun to see Peggy Sue and Lewis playing with the Schoenhut Circus! Thank you for a delightful indoor play-day adventure, Lorraine. Cheryl Mahoney

  4. Older toys had so much charm and character - they were so lovable! John and I were at one of the giant toy retailers before Christmas, and I just couldn't believe how garish and cheap so many toys look nowadays. Sigh, I'm starting to sound like an old man!


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