Tuesday 26 December 2017


There are some amazingly thoughtful people out there and I am very grateful to them.  

Christmas was very frugal for us this year so imagine my delight when at the end of November I received a surprise package in the post from some dear friends in the USA.

Lots of wonderful packages.

A delightful card.

I had such fun opening them up.

An acrobat and accessories to go with one of my Schoenhut ponies.

A gorgeous vintage teddy bear who will fit right at home here with my other bears.

Some super clothes and a pair of shoes.

The pony meets his new mistress.  We are going to have fun for sure with these.

Janice tries on her new shoes which go perfectly with her knitted dress I made last year.

Thank you to some very special friends for your generosity and for bringing a smile to my face.  You are all amazing!  A very good lift indeed.  


I was in for another surprise a few days before Christmas when another unexpected parcel arrived at my doorstep.

This beautiful Christmas dress arrived from another super caring person.  Emily was thrilled to be the one chosen to wear it.  I felt she deserved it as after her 'surgery' to repair her arms, she had been languishing somewhat.  I think she looks much happier now.  

Thank you so much Robin B for your delightful gift and your thoughtfulness and encouragement the last couple of months, it really has been appreciated.


  1. What lovely goodies! It's amazing how thoughtful people can be. :). Merry Christmas!

    1. Very thoughtful indeed, I feel very blessed.

  2. It's good to see Emily back to her old self and looking very lovely in her new Christmas dress. She deserves it.

    1. It is indeed good to see Emily back to her old self, or almost... She does deserve a new dress.

  3. How lovely to receive such wonderful unexpected gifts from your friends. I'm pleased to see that Emily is back to her usual self following surgery for her arm problem, what a relief. I'm glad these gifts brightened Christmas for you.

    1. Really lovely indeed. It is lovely to have Emily back on form as well. Thank you.


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