Saturday 9 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Nine

Edward and Francis are deep in conversation and don't notice Gwilym approaching to find out if it is his turn to open the Advent calendar today.

Hi there Wil.  Henry and Donny greet him.  Glad you have come along as it is your turn to open the calendar today.

I thought it must be.  Gwilym answers them.

He looks carefully to see if he can find door number nine.

Aha! Here it is.  Gwilym says

In he reaches.

Look!  He pulls out the little package attracting Edward and Donny's attention as well.

I can make fire!  Just like magic.  He says.

The boys take a closer look intrigued and then realise he is just tricking them.

I think I will put it down here, he says.

Looks a good place to me.  

The pirate will be able to keep warm now.  Gwilym tells Henry and Donny.

He'll need to if it is anything like here!  Henry says back.

Edward and Francis have resumed their conversation.  

Looking good!


  1. Gwilym has has such beautiful eyes. That's a rather subdued outfit for him. Did Mum pick it out?

    1. Gwilym does indeed have beautiful eyes. Yes you are right, he usually favours purples...


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