Sunday, 17 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Seventeen!

A few days ago.... all was quiet in the house...nothing could be heard...but there a mouse?

No...that is something else you hear....

Looks like Ollie and Baby Barney Bam Bam have discovered the Advent Calendar.

Look it is waiting just for us to open Baby Bees.  Ollie says.

They pull the Advent Calendar down so they can access it...

Much giggling and chatting is going on that only they can understand.

Uh oh...looks like trouble!

It seems they have been opening LOTS of doors on the calendar and pulling out the gifts.

Look!  Babbles Baby 

Fun!  Ollie says with glee.

Peggy Sue was just about off out but could hear lots of rustling and other such noises so thought she ought to investigate.

Not what she expected to see!

Oh you naughty boys!  She exclaims.

They look up at her, a picture of innocence...or not...

What have you done?  She asks.  You are not supposed to open all the doors, what will the boys say?  

Let me take off my hat and coat, I can see I am going to have to sort this mess out!

Ollie and Baby look up at her with puzzled looks on their faces.

They look at each other.

Come on you two, you are going to have to help me.  Peggy Sue says to them.

Peggy Sue helps Baby down.

Now you two, do you realise what you  have done?

We were just having fun.  Ollie tells her.

I can see that!  Peggy Sue says.

Now help me up with it. 

The boys help her put the calendar back up.

She puts on her stern voice, and explains why they are naughty.

When they look suitable chastised, she explains they will need to put the items on the scene.

Hopefully the boys won't notice, or be too upset...she says doubtfully.

Quite a few new things have been added.  Still at least they will have fun discovering the new items, even if they didn't get to open the doors.

What ARE you doing Baby Bs?  Peggy Sue asks.  Where is your other bootie?  It should be on your feet, not your hands!

Come on, stop messing around!

Oh dear Ollie, let's pull your trousers up.  Peggy Sue says when she realises Ollie's trousers had slipped down somewhat.

Right, I suggest we get out of here.  Baby, you wait here while I take Ollie to his room, I will be back for you.

Smoochy smoochy....

You won't get round me so easily young man with your smoochy kisses.  Peggy Sue says.

But then again...perhaps he will!


  1. LOL, so funny! And so true to life - it reminds me of something I would have done. Peggy Sue certainly is good with the little ones. I think she deserves a little something extra in her Christmas stocking for sorting out that mess.

  2. I wonder if they hit upon the right numbers for the days by accident or if it was quite random and really going to make it hard for the boys when they return to the calendar! Well done Peggy Sue for handling the situation so well.

  3. It could have been worse... they could have opened all the doors..
    The boys will probably disappointed, but the babies are so cute!


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