Friday 8 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Eight

Hi Francis, how are things?  Henry asks.  While Edward practises his 'aren't I dreamy' look.

Pretty good.  Francis replies...would you like me to recite my newest poem?  
Um, perhaps later...I am sure you want to find the door for today.  Henry says with some well practised diplomacy.

He looks for today's door.

Here it is.

Opens it up

Pulls the package out

and in the blink of the eye has the little basket with fruit unwrapped and ready to place on the scene.

Look, some pineapple!  Must be a tropical island for sure.  Francis informs the boys.

I'll pop it down on the table.  Francis says while Edward gets a closer look.


  1. I hope there will be some fish somewhere in the calendar, so the pirate can share his lunch with the seagull.

    1. Replying to this late, and you obviously guessed right!

  2. They're all quite skilled at the 'aren't I dreamy' look. Fresh fruit is important. You don't want the pirates getting scurvy.

    1. They are indeed... I think they practice it so that they can get away with all sorts of things.


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