Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Creative 2018

Sasha, Emily and Sophia got changed out of their Christmas dresses today and wanted to show what they chose to wear - actually they didn't have a lot of choice as it was too wet to go down to the studio to get the majority of their clothes, so they had to make do with what was available!  

One of the things I want to do this year is make more things.  I did a LOT of knitting last year, and a little sewing (not as much as I would normally do) and not a lot else.  As I am still not allowed to knit, I need to find other creative outlets.   One of the projects I have had in mind is to further develop the 'Schoenhut School of the Arts', starting with a science room.

Armed with the laminating machine and some printouts...

I fired it up and got it running...

...and made a start.

Lewis is quite excited about the prospect of a science lab.

We have been sorting through his trunk of clothing and accessories today, which will be the topic of another post and ongoing project, so he was pleased for some respite to help with something a bit more exciting.


  1. I am jealous of Lewis....there is nothing more satisfying than something laminated. Not sure why that is, but I have always loved laminating and the resulting products! Looks like a science lab in the making to me!

    1. Oh isn't it just! I'd forgotten how satisfying it was. I used to use it quite a lot when Home Educating and also when doing demonstrations at the Veterinary Open Day's with the guinea pigs - making up little posters, cards, etc... such fun!

  2. Your girls look so pretty; I especially like the crochet collar (of course!).

    And I will arm wrestle Lewis for his laminated Mars poster :-)



    1. Thank you Beth, Lewis wants to know if you would like him to send you a Mars poster? ;-)


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