Friday 26 January 2018

A Boy Doll Review -Truly Me Boy Dolls by American Girl.

Today my friend and I took a trip to My Doll Boutique as she wanted to get one of the new boy dolls by American Girl Doll.    There have been four new boys added to the line, plus Logan who was introduced last year.  She let me take a few photos of him so I could do a short review.  

This lad is 'Truly Me Number 77'  He has been given the name Omri.

He comes wearing this trendy outfit of polo shirt, twill jeans (pants), boxer shorts and trainers.

All nicely made, working pockets in the jeans.

The jeans are very nicely made with plenty of attention to detail.

They do up with velcro at the flies. 

A sneak peak at his boxer shorts.

His hair is tight curls, Afro style

He has dark brown eyes and a dark skin tone.  

Unlike the girls he doesn't have any teeth showing, which helps give him a more boyish look.

I don't have any photos of the other boys, as the others were currently out of stock... but have borrowed some stock photos of the boys (hopefully this is okay, if not I will remove them)

Truly Me Number 74 has beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair and a light skin tone.

Truly Me Number 75 has an Asian look with brown hair, brown eyes and a light skin tone

Truly Me number 76 has brown eyes, brown hair and a medium skin tone, his hair is a different style to the other two boys.

Logan was released last year: 

As with most (all?) American Girl Doll products, this doll is very nicely made as is his clothing.  It is good to see more Doll Companies producing boy dolls and I know of at least two other lines by other Doll Companies that will be coming out very soon which is quite exciting! 


  1. They all look really good. I'm glad to see that Logan isn't going to just be the "token boy".

    1. I am glad to see Logan wasn't the only 'token boy' as well. Good to see these Toy Companies starting to embrace the need to make boy dolls as well, especially boy dolls that aren't just 'action' dolls, but can be just every day boys.

  2. Your friend picked the same boy that is my first choice! I'm glad they made a nice diverse group right away and gave them unique faces.

  3. Can you also pick Truly Me 74 Boy and name him Jack?


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