Sunday 28 January 2018

Rainbow Photo Challenge: Yellow

From left to right:  Hazel, my hand carved (not by me) wooden Bleuette doll, Madeline, Michelle Poppet (a doll made by a friend), Sunshine, my hand dyed Makie, in front of them is a little handmade baby in a pouch that I bought in NZ last year, My Domo family, behind them Mabel, my Roddy walker doll, a Clonette Doll, Molly (Sasha Doll), a little Nancy Ann doll, Little Miss, my perfekta childhood doll, Peggy Sue holding Dougal, a toy from my childhood and of course Hitty Madge, hand carved by me)


  1. Yellow is another great color for chasing away the winter blahs. It's nice to see Madeline again. Have you ever done a post on your Bleuettes? I was reading something about them online a while back. It sounds like they have a very long and interesting history.

    1. I think I may have introduced them at some stage, certainly I have introduced Hazel before and she has featured quite a bit in the past, but whether I have done an actual post on Bleuettes I can't quite remember, I will have to do a search.


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