Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Perfekta Dolls

'Little Miss' my childhood Perfekta doll has gathered some friends over the last year and I thought it was about time I wrote a post featuring them.  Of course at this time of year the light is atrocious, so getting decent photos is rather hit and miss, mostly miss, so these following pictures will just have to do until we get better light.  I have tried doing searches to find out more information on these dolls but found very little.  Almost all searches just come up with Pinterest links now, and I am still not really sure how that works.  I did find one page dedicated to them, and you can see some more of their original outfits here.

These two brunettes are in original outfits and one pair of original shoes.  The girl on the left has a 'pony tail' hair style whereas the girl to the right has a full centre parting and so can wear her hair in bunches or pigtails, depending on what terminology you are used to.

These two also have original dresses on and fortunately one also has original shoes - I wish I could find some more shoes, or even shoes that fit!  The blonde has a centre part and probably wore her hair in braids (plaits) from what I have been able to find out, but her hair has been trimmed.  The little girl in the purple outfit has lovely soft hair in a bob style.

I think this is also probably an original outfit, but not entirely sure.  Her hair is a little better than my girl, it is not quite as 'woollen' 

Little Miss, my childhood doll in clothes I made for her a couple of years ago now.

These little dolls are from the late sixties early seventies and five inches tall.  I may have had more when I was young as I very vaguely remember giving some dolls away when we had to move, but I am not sure if it was these dolls or not.  I certainly kept one if I did have others.


  1. These remind me of the Liddle Kiddles I had as a child. So lovely that you still have one of your originals, I so wish I still had at least one of my Liddle Kiddles (although they did not age as well as Little Miss did)

  2. Yes, I was going to say that they look like the Liddle Kiddles dolls; perhaps a bit larger and more detailed. They had "Kosmic Kiddles" too. I had one. They looked like Martians - green, with a single lock of hair that looked like a spring.

  3. They are very good to see in their original outfits. I only have an original pink dress for mine. As for shoes, you might be able to find a traditional dress souvinier doll in a charity shop that has the right size shoes. I found some at a car boot sale, broken & about to be thrown away. The dress off one fits as well.


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