Monday 22 January 2018

A Walk in the Garden with Henry

The sun came out for a while today and although the garden is very wet and boggy pretty uninspiring, Henry went outside to see if he could find any evidence of new growth and the promise of better times to come.  He couldn't convince any one else to join him so off he went on his own.

Goodness the rhododendrons are starting to bud!  This is exciting.  

Daffodils are starting to come up.  

I spy with my little eye, a little purple flower...

With the sun shining you could almost convince yourself it is warmer than it is... almost...but not quite!

~A boy on a mission ~


  1. Good for Henry! I'm trying to convince myself to go for a brief well needed walk in the rain.

  2. Oh, sunshine! I haven't seen any for days - we had some snow in the morning, and since then, it never stopped raining. My daffodils are doing their best, but if this weather won't stop, they will drown!
    Very well chosen outfit, Henry! It brings a hint of spring into the gloomy days.

  3. good for you, Henry! getting out into the fresh (brisk!) air!

  4. I'm glad Henry's little trek was worth the effort. It's always nice to find some signs of life this time of year. Henry certainly is an intrepid explorer!


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