Saturday, 20 January 2018

School Supplies.

Peggy Sue and Lewis have been busy today helping to get things ready for the new Science Room.  Some more posters have been laminated, worksheets printed and magazine folders made. 

Lewis and Peggy Sue worked hard collating the worksheets

They put them into subject order

They started sorting out the magazines.

Plenty of space magazines.

Folders and magazine holders were made.

Each student will have their own folder.

Folders and Magazines stored nicely in the holders ready for use.


  1. WOW! Lorraine, you're so creative/inventive. I also really like that table & chairs set. Hope Peggy Sue and Lewis have appreciative students to make their hard work worthwhile. John

    1. Thanks John, I did find the printables on line, but knew what I wanted to make which helped... I used to home-educate my eldest son, and had very similar supplies!

      The table and chairs set is American Girl, and I think it has to be my favourite all time prop and is used a lot.

      Oh and ha ha, little do Peggy Sue and Lewis know that they will be two of the students!

  2. Collating worksheets is my favorite volunteer activity at my childrens' school. I loved worksheets as a kid--can't say the same for my own kids.


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