Friday, 17 August 2018

Five on Friday

Lewis wanted to show of his 'Five on Friday'

Five of his special belongings.

His pocket watch from Great Uncle Stan, his pocket knife, his Schoenhut badge, his lunch box and a Toby Jug.  

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Schoenhut Series - Norma Jean

Hello Norma Jean, what are you doing?  Peggy Sue asks.

I don't know.  Replies Norma Jean.  It is so wet out today.  

I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Mum has even re-done my hair.

Perhaps I will do some reminiscing...

Norma Jean has been with me for a few years now and used to belong to a friend of mine.    She was originally called Gladys Jean.  I am not sure I ever did a 'proper' formal introduction to her, so will do a post now, and if I did it was on my 'How Many Dolls' blog.

She didn't come wearing a dress, so I had to make her one.   Oh to be able to just whip up a dress like I used to!  Where oh where is that MOJO gone?!  Her wig didn't quite fit so she borrowed another.

Peggy Sue welcomes her.  Before the dress above was made she was wearing the only other dress available that fitted at the time.

This style of dress just didn't really suit her and made her look so much 'older'.  

The short wig didn't really suit her, but she put on her smiling face and with a flower in her hair she was quite happy.

Back in 2015 I decided to give her a bit of a makeover and managed to find another wig that fitted her quite well and I made her a new dress.

I forgot that I made a detachable lace collar for this dress....I wonder where it has gone?!

Tying her hair back she looks really sweet and is quite the nature lover.

She remembers she wanted to know if she could keep the little red squirrel...

The photos above were taken in Autumn 2015 and yes she is still wearing that same dress - she says she likes it so why not?!

May 2016 - Norma Jean admires the pretty flowers.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Noodles Anyone?

I had a voucher to spend on Evilbay the other day so when I saw this little table and chair set, complete with food I thought it would be idea for one of my doll groups.  

As it turned out it was the right fit for my Bleuette dolls and Hazel and her two friends sat down to enjoy a good meal.

Mm....delicious declares Hazel.

(The table setting is for four and Wren joined them a little later)

Sunday, 12 August 2018

A Cold Sunday Afternoon

It is cold and damp outside so what are the Rose Cottage Friends up to?

Archie and Anne-Marie are listening to some music on the stereo

Peggy Sue, Lewis and Henry are chatting about their upcoming week.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

ADAD Challenge August 5 - 11

Day 5: Sunshine and Water...When the SUNSHINE is as hot as it has been it is especially important to make sure the guinea pigs have WATER.  

Day 6 - Ink & Enjoy...Wren like her person (aka me) ENJOYS writing with a fountain pen that needs an INK cartridge.

Day 7: Flying & Relax...Kruseling Vera thinks all you have to do is RELAX and you will be FLYING in no time!


Tabitha is thinking what she can make with the lemons.

Day 9:  Purple and Green

Sophia, Stevie & Nancy love to dress in PURPLE and GREEN

Day 10: Heart shaped & Simple...Trixie Troll thinks her HEART SHAPED leaf adds just enough bling to her SIMPLE dress.

Day 11: Cheeky & Fresh... FRESH from her box, Gigi, gives a CHEEKY smile.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Five on Friday

Just a quick snapshot today of Five on Friday due to the weather not being the best!  As in too wet to photograph outside.

Edith, Clara, Astrid, Janice and Dorothy

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Introducing a Little One.

A little wee Schoenhut joined the Rose Cottage family the other day.  Now although I 'knew' these dolls were small, as in 11 inches tall, I had in my mind they would be a similar size to the Sasha babies, but they are not!  They really are quite petite and I am very taken by this little one.  I hunted round in my clothes boxes and couldn't find anything that will fit, so will have to dig out my sewing machine, and hunt down my Mojo to make something fairly soon.  I eventually found something just to cover him/her up - I am leaning towards a boy, but the only clothes I had that would fit were a  knitted skirt and a white shirt!  

I took some photos while I was staying at my son's place in the weekend, but not really sure I did this little one justice.

He/She enjoyed having a look round the Sailor's garden.

Oh dear, this photo certainly doesn't do this little one any favours, I seem to have captured a slightly cross eyed/lazy eye look.