Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Eleven

Hello Susan, you look nice in that dress.  Cora says.

Thank you Cora, I love the dress you have on as well.  Susan replies.

It is great we get to have the Advent Calendar this year, don't you think?  Susan asks Cora.

It sure is!  Cora replies.

Now where is the Number 11? Susan wonders.

Aha!  Here it is.  Susan says.

She opens the door.

Ooh, look! She exclaims enthusiastically.  It is a little musician!

He is playing the recorder.

Susan puts him down on the little scene and Cora sits down to help set it all up.

Susan was thrilled that the calendar is for the girls this year, although isn't so enthusiastic about her Christmas photo!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Ten

Good morning Cora,

Morning, Maddison

It is my turn today, I have been looking forward to this for ages.
Well I hope you get something better than I did yesterday.

What was that?

Well, it looked like an uncooked bird of some sort, I'm guessing it was supposed to be a turkey!


Well hopefully I will have better luck.

I hope so!

Oh, here is the door for today.

Cora opens the door.

Oh what do you have there Cora?

Looks like it might be a cat.

Oh it is too!

Isn't this sweet?

A little cat and its kitten.

Aw, that is lovely Cora.  Much better than what I got yesterday.

I think they can go over here for now.

Yes, beside the tree is a good place.

Cora chose this colour dress to wear for her Christmas photo.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Nine

Hey there Ziva, how are you doing?

I'm great Maddison, how's you?

Looking forward to Christmas!  

So, the days seem to be going by so quickly.  Where is today's little window?

Aha, here it is.  

Ooh, ahh, what is this?

Not sure I like the look of this!

I'll put it on the table...

...but it doesn't look cooked to me.

Pretty gross don't you think?

Enough to want to make you a vegetarian, I reckon.

Glad Emily cooks better than this!

Yup, that is a good thing.  I hope she is going to cook our Christmas Dinner this year.

Maddison poses for her Christmas photo.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Eight

Emily is up bright and early this morning before anyone else in the house.

On her way to breakfast she sees the little scene and advent calendar.  She stops to have a look.

With purpose she walks to the calendar, deciding that it must be her turn today to open a little door.

She looks for today's date.

There it is, she opens it up.

Pulls out the little package and is delighted to see it is the other two chairs for the dining table set.

She puts them down onto the little scene.

There, just right!  Table set for four.

Good morning Emily!

Friday, 7 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Seven

Hey there Sasha. Peggy Sue greets Sasha.  I see you chose to wear a Ginger Bread Man dress like me!

 Sasha asks.  They don't really go with the dress do they?

Well I like them, and I couldn't find my others this morning.  Peggy Sue explains.

Sasha thinks it was more likely that Peggy Sue couldn't be bothered to find them, but wisely doesn't say anything.

It is Peggy Sue's turn to open the Calendar today.  She hunts for the right door and doesn't take long to find it.

She kneels down to open the window with Sasha watching closely.

Ooh, I wonder what is inside?  They both say.

Look it is a little box by the looks of things.  Peggy Sue shows Sasha the package.

Sure enough when she takes it out of the packaging it is a little box.

Look!  It has a tiny little doll inside.  Peggy Sue says as she holds the little box to show Sasha.

With the lid back on the box, she puts it down underneath the Christmas Tree.

This is very nice isn't it?  Peggy Sue says as she and Sasha admire the little Ballroom.

It sure is. Sasha says dreamily.  Do you sometimes wish we could go to a Christmas Ball and be beautiful Princesses?  

I think we already are Princesses!  Peggy Sue says.

What do you think?