Friday, 1 September 2017

Fashion on Friday

A little bit of sewing and knitting done this week.

Today I made a little dress for my Blue Eyed Bleuette.  She had been awaiting a body which finally arrived yesterday.  Now I need to make her some shoes and socks!

Her wig is currently just a temporary one as it is the only one I had that fitted.  

Hitty Madge went awol for a few weeks and when my husband finally found her up at the Sailor's house the relief all round was immense so I just had to make her a new dress!

I was asked to make a 'ballet' cardigan for a 22 inch Schoenhut.  This was the 'prototype.

I then knitted another with ribbing to the sleeves and body. 

Rebekah Grace ended up with a dress unexpectedly but is delighted with it.

Lewis is modelling a sweater that will be going in my Etsy shop.  This fits both 16 inch Schoenhut dolls and Gregor/Sasha dolls.

Lastly another dress that will be going in my Etsy shop for 'A Girl for all Time' dolls, modelled by Matilda.


  1. Another very industrious week :) Jane x

  2. You have been busy. I think I like the first ballet cardigan without the ribbing a little more than the second one, it reminds me of my ballet cardigan a long time ago... I'm relieved that Hitty Madge turned up again - what a worry when they go missing.

  3. I'm glad for you that Madge is found :-). A lot of beautiful clothes you made here, I love Bleuette's dress and the pink ballet cardigan. Bleuette is beautiful, she has such lovely make-up!

  4. How naughty to just vanish and never tell anyone! But you were probably too relieved when Madge was back to give her a good telling off.
    That's a bunch of very well dressed children again! You're so talented!


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