Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Henry & Peggy Sue Receive a Postcard each.

Yesterday when the envelope from the USA arrived it was addressed to not only Emily but also Henry and Peggy Sue.  So what else was inside it?

A postcard each!

Henry and Peggy Sue were thrilled to get a postcard from Stephen Orange.

Henry reads his out loud to Peggy Sue

"Hello Henry!  Daddys (sic) John and Steve took me to the MN State Fair today..."

What is MN Henry?  Peggy Sue asks.

He means Minnesota Peggy Sue.  It is a shorter way or writing it to save on space.  Henry explains.

Oh, that makes sense then, as you can't fit a lot of words on a postcard unless you write really small.  Peggy Sue says.

Shall I continue?  Henry asks Peggy Sue.

Please do.  She replies.

"We rode the 'Sky Ride' - an exciting, high-in-the-air gondola and the Ye Olde Mill boat and tunnel ride.  That was very dark, but I wasn't afraid.  It seemed like most of the State's population was out at the Fair, but the atmosphere was good - everyone was having a good time.  do you have fairs in England?  Your friend Stephen Orange".

Do we have fairs in England Henry?  Peggy Sue asks.

I am sure we do Peggy Sue, we just haven't been fortunate enough to go to one yet.  Henry replies.

Fairs look like a lot of fun.  Peggy Sue says as she looks at her card. I hope we get to go to one, one day.

Peggy Sue reads the back of her card...

Read it out loud please Peggy Sue.  Henry says.

Hello Peggy Sue!  We are at the Fair today - it's held every year at this time.  WE drove to a special parking lot and then rode a bus right to it.  Daddy John says it saves him from the headache of trying to find parking.  We went to the Miracle of Life barn and saw chicks, baby pigs, a lamb, and other animals that were born during the Fair.  We also saw a woman sculpting a girl's head out of a big block of butter!  Your friend, Stephen Orange.

Wow, that must have been really interesting seeing all the baby animals.  Peggy Sue says to Henry.  Funny though, imagine sculpting a head out of butter!    

Both Henry and Peggy Sue found that thought rather amusing!

Henry puts his postcard in his album, and Peggy Sue lets him put hers in it as well 'for safe keeping' she tells him.

Someone has a faraway look on her face!  I think she must be dreaming about 'All the Fun at the Fair' that Stephen Orange had.  

There, that should keep them safe.  Henry says.

Isn't it great having someone else who likes to send postcards Peggy Sue?  Henry asks.

It is indeed.  Peggy Sue replies.


  1. WOW!! Look at the size of that post card album! It's very impressive. How many cards does it hold and how many post cards albums do you have, Henry? It's wonderful that Henry has so many friends the world over to share his passion :) x

    1. I can't remember how many postcards the album will hold...Henry first introduced it the other week here:

      He loves sharing postcards and has sent many to friends over the years, but only just recently started receiving some
      so is very excited.

  2. Stephen did indeed have a good time at the Fair--we all did! Stephen's favorites were the rides, while Daddy Steve likes the people-watching and Daddy John the food!

    1. It indeed looked like you all had a wonderful time and thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. What fun to get postcards about the fair from Stephen Orange. I'm wondering when Henry and Peggy Sue will get a chance to go to an English fair in the near future. We have a mini fair in our town every year for the Switch on of Christmas lights day (with real fairground organ music) but it doesn't have any rides as high or as impressive as MN state fair.

  4. It's great to see the album getting filled with more postcards :-). The postcard itself is very nice!


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