Friday, 8 September 2017

Fashion on Friday

My plans changed on Saturday so I ended up having a sewing day - I was inspired, hopefully my sewing mojo really has returned to stay awhile.

These three dresses are all new.  

This dress was made for the 'Glad it's Plaid Challenge' on one of the Bleuette groups I am on.

This dress was for the other Bleuette Group's sewing challenge - the same pattern is used - just different interpretations.  I really like this pattern so can see myself making it again.

Autumn Finery was the challenge for the Hitty Girls group, and Hitty Madge got a new dress. 

Plus an apron so she doesn't get her dress dirty when she is out harvesting.

I have knitted another little pale blue cardigan.

Shown on both Sophia

and on Peggy Sue.

I finally put some buttons on this pretty turquoise cardigan.

Again shown on both Sophia

and Peggy Sue.

Both these cardigans are now in my Etsy Shop.

I knitted this sweater that can be worn with either the buttons at the front or back, although I always prefer them at the back.  Henry is pleased to model it.

Also seen on Lewis.

This sweater is also in my Etsy Shop.

I am currently test knitting a pattern for someone using the lovely turquoise wool...  will show that next week.


  1. The outfits for the challenges are lovely, I like the plaid dress a lot! Hitty Madge's dress and apron are lovely too, what an appropriate fabric!

    1. Thank you Susi, I do like these challenges. It is great to belong to Doll groups that actively encourage creativity.

  2. I love the last sweater (actually saw it already this morning on Etsy). I was wondering how you create the pattern. Do you have to switch different colors or is it all one continuous yarn? Being a non-knitter, I know nothing of these things.

  3. Busy, busy, busy! I'm working my through another dress for Ezri. I know I make her a lot of dresses, but it's all honing my sewing skills. I'm thinking of accessorizing this one and what will go nice with it? A cowl? A belt? I love the little dresses. I'm not a great fan of plaid, but I like the pink candy stripe suit. I love the grey sweater the boys are modelling :) x

    1. I love the pink candy stripe suit, I am really pleased with how it turned out and can see me making a few more outfits inn this style.

      I think it is great you make Ezri a lot of dresses, that is what it is all about having fun and working on sewing skills. I look forward to seeing her new dress.

  4. Oooh, sewing mojo back, I'm glad to hear that! Edmund, Timothy, Nicholas James, Trendon Elliott and Reuben are hoping you'll fish out your pattern for a boys/toddler boy shirt with a collar soon as they know I'm not so good at making those. Edmund in particular says he would like a nice tidy shirt which isn't white with a red bow tie (as he already has that).

    1. Thank you! I hope to make a start on some shirts next week... I will let you know when I have some ready!

  5. You have a nice collection of Bleuette dolls! I also have some Bleuette-sized, one wannabe, one reproduction and one maybe-Bleuette doll (if she is really a Bleuette, then her hands have been replaced as there are red lines on them) - but I haven't sewed for them for ages.


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