Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Visiting Hours

It is visiting time at hospital and Peggy Sue goes to see Emily.  

She is soon joined by Henry who was delayed ever so slightly by a post delivery. He wanted to bring it in with him as it was addressed to him, Peggy Sue and Emily.

What have you got there?  Peggy Sue asks.
Looks like we all have something.  He tells her.  It is addressed to all three of us.  

Look Emily, seems you have some post!  Henry shows her the envelope.

Shall I open it for you?  He asks her.

Please do, I can't do anything at the moment.  Emily tells him.  

Oh look a card, addressed to you.  He holds up the envelope for Emily to see.

Oh, it IS for me.  She says surprised.  Please open it to see what is inside.

Look, isn't it pretty?  Peggy Sue says as Henry holds up the card.

Emily takes a closer look.

'Sending positive thoughts and healing wishes'  Emily reads.

Wow, look at the inside!  Henry gasps.  Looks like all our friends at Gregoropolis have signed it.  Isn't that so thoughtful of them?

Emily looks at the card, a little overwhelmed, not quite realising she had so many friends!

What a wonderful thing to do.  Emily is thrilled and it has helped ease her time while in hospital waiting on surgery.  

Soon visiting time is over.

Peggy Sue pats Emily on the head, and reassures her she will be in to visit again tomorrow.

Take care sweet Emily, Henry says.  Not too much longer to wait, only a couple of weeks.  Rest up and take care.  You will be back to new before too long.  He reassures her.  I will be back with Peggy Sue tomorrow to see you.  

Nursing Sister Elizabeth checks on Emily's temperature...with the arm severed like it was, she has to make sure no infection sets in.

All good.  Rest now Emily.  Sister Elizabeth says before she continues on her rounds of checking the other patients.


  1. So very sweet, Lorraine. Hoping Emily gets a good-as-new prosthesis soon!



  2. How kind and thoughtful of the boys to send Emily such a lovely card. A couple of weeks can seem like such a long time when you're poorly. I'm sure visits from Henry and Peggy Sue will soon pass the time. Love to Emily xx

  3. Glad to see that Emily is getting such excellent medical care. Kudos to Henry and Peggy Sue for being such attentive friends.

  4. What a lovely gesture, cards really help to get better sooner! I hope Emily will be as good as new again soon. Sister Elizabeth looks like an excellent nurse, so Emily is in good hands!
    I love the bed, it looks real :-)

  5. How sweet of the boys to send this greeting card. It clearly brightened Emily's day.
    The hospital bed is so great!


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