Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Tea for Two Tuesday

Lewis and Peggy Sue have their dolls Wallace and Wendy Widget joining them today.

If you are cold, tea will warm you -
If you are heated, it will cool you -
If you are depressed, it will cheer you up -
If you are excited, it will calm you.

W. E. Gladstone

Quote from 'Tea Quips and Quotes'

Who is W. E. Gladstone?  Lewis asks.

He was Prime Minister while Queen Victoria was the Monarch.  Peggy Sue tells him.

I wonder what it was like being the Prime Minister in Victorian times?  Lewis says.

Well he must have liked it, because he was a Prime Minister four times!  Peggy Sue tells him.

Either that or no one else wanted to do the job.  Lewis thinks to himself...


William Ewart Gladstone has been consistently ranked as one of Britain's greatest Prime Ministers. He certainly had a long career in politics lasting over 60 years.  Four times he served as Prime minister.  1868 - 74, 1880 - 85, February - July 1886 and 1892 - 94 resigning for the final time when he was 84 years of age.  Mr Gladstone was also Britain's oldest Prime Minister.  Not only was he Prime Minister, but he also served as Chancellor of the Exchequer four times! What a busy man he was.  

He also seemed to like changing which Political Party he was involved with starting with:

Tory (1828 - 34)
Conservative (1834 - 46)
Peelite (1846 - 59)
Liberal (1859 - 98)

If the history of Politics interests you, then more can be found by looking him up on the internet...but this is more than enough politics for these two for the day.


  1. I love tea and can certainly agree with Gladstone's little rhyme. We leant about prime ministers in our social studies at school. I must have learnt something and enjoyed it at the time as I got very good marks for school works and exams. Peggy Sue seems very knowledgeable :) Jane

  2. I'm a coffee person - but maybe I should give tea another try. I love the table and chairs, they look so sixties!

  3. Hi,
    After your visit the other day, I visited back and spent ages looking at the adventures of the dolls. I had a lovely time and enjoyed all the scenes you have created.

  4. Sweet dolls, sweet verse, sweet post. I love your adorable doll friends ❤šŸBlessings


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