Friday, 15 September 2017

Fashion on Friday

Not much to show this week, just three dresses.

I have sorted through a pile of fabric though and found some pieces for a couple of upcoming projects though that I am quite excited about.  Hoping I might get a chance to start on them this weekend.

Chrissy is wearing a dress I test knitted the pattern, once the pattern is available I will try and remember to upload the link to it.  It is a pretty pattern and has some lovely variations to it.

A variation of a style of dress I have enjoyed knitting for the American Girl dolls over the years - a straighter, pleated skirt similar in style to the skirt on the dresses I have knitted for Hazel my Bleuette doll.

I am really pleased with how this dress turned out.

I also knitted a dress for Peggy Sue as it is getting colder and she wanted something with long sleeves.  

This is the last of my knitting for a while as I am having such problems with pain, not while knitting as such, but I am wondering if it isn't helping me doing the knitting, so will  try and rest them for a few weeks...although it seems really odd as I am so used to knitting in the evening as it is my 'distraction' from the pain - if that makes sense?!  

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  1. Not much to show? LOL It takes me 2 weeks just to make one dress! They're beautiful. I have been trying to find time to knit. I'm so sorry your pain is stopping you from enjoying life. Has your doctor given you any help? Have you tried TENS? I hope you find some relief soon :( Jane x


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