Friday 26 March 2021

The Eclectic Company

A few of my dolls have been getting dressed for Easter & Spring.

The first four are my childhood dolls....although Tressy and Kiwi Sindy are replacements as my original Tressy got lost during one of our moves when I was a child and my Sindy was given away by my Mum.  Skipper and Barbie are my original dolls...slightly worse for wear, but very much loved.  Tressy and Barbie have on clothing that my Mum made, so they are very special and very much of the era they were made.  Skipper is wearing one of the original outfits she came with, although I am not sure it is an actual original Skipper outfit.  Definitely vintage though!  Kiwi Sindy (named as I found her in a charity shop in New Zealand in 2019.  I like to imagine she is my original, although I know she isn't as my original older than her.) is wearing a dress I made a couple of years ago.  

The jointed gals...all waving hello.

Roshni, my Madame Alexander Travel Friend Doll, Helen, my Blythe doll, Wren, my Makie and a Simone, Disney doll I found in a charity shop.  

The littlies... Sharlyn, named after my bestest friend, Little Gem, Madeline, and Little Dawn, a Tiny Betsy Doll and of course Nancy with her little bear.

All of them together.



  1. Such sweeties. Really like seeing them all together, it gives a great perspective of their varying sizes.

    1. Thank you Julie. I enjoyed dressing them all up yesterday. I had to wait in all day for a delivery, that then didn't arrive! So made use of the time by starting to sort one of the rooms that had just had all my dolls props etc dumped in it. Made good progress. :)


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