Monday 1 March 2021

Oops, and then there were three...

I blame my husband!  I was only going to have the one, Leaf, I was (and still am) more than happy with him...but when my husband saw the photos I had sent of Leaf, he looked them up and bought two more for me!  They arrived this last week, one on Thursday, and one on Friday.  They are smaller than Leaf, and are probably even more suited to carry around in a large pocket, although I think Leaf is still my favourite :)  They are something different, and just a bit of fun.

Unfortunately both arrived in damaged boxes, which is really disappointing as the artwork on the boxes is really lovely, and they make good display boxes, if I wished to display them that way.  But due to being just posted in a plastic bag without any support they have been crushed and ripped.  

The first box wasn't as bad as the second, but still ripped in a couple of places.

This one was much worse, and pretty battered. 

There was no way they can be used as display boxes should I have wished to use them that way.  It is a shame more care wasn't taken, as they are really lovely boxes.  One seller offered a refund of postage costs, or a replacement...I decided to go for the refund as I don't tend to use boxes for display and always worried that the replacement won't be the 'same' as the one that arrived.  I

I haven't heard from the other seller... 

I suggested that they are better packaged in future, as the boxes were just put in a plastic bag.  Hopefully they will take this on board so that others aren't disappointed in the future.

The first to arrive was 'Servan' (I may well rename him as I did Leaf). He came with some incense and a Certificate of Authenticity.  It reads:

Servan (Messenger of good news)

Descendants of Sulevos.

They can carry anything you want if you give them a glass of milk.  They hate knives, because on several occasions, they have been attacked.  The love to bring joy.  When they step on the grass, it grows immediately.  They are the hope of the day, and the messenger of life.  When they get angry, they do not find their destination.  

Of course this is all just fantasy and a little bit of fun.  I think he does have a cheeky little face.  

He has already been out exploring in the garden:


The second to arrive was Uxmal, who is rather unusual looking!

He too came with incense and a Certificate of Authenticity which reads:

With his bright bold colourful clothes, he should photograph well in the garden.

He is certainly unusual!

The three together.  

I think they will probably live with my Troll dolls, hopefully they will get on! Ha ha.

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  1. Sadly I have not heard from the other seller, which is disappointing, even just acknowledgement would be nice, to say that they will take more care in future with packing. It amazes me, how some seem to care so little with packaging. I once had three porcelain dolls delivered in a box with no packaging, all loose! Yes you guessed it, they were all broken!


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