Saturday 20 March 2021

My Birthday Doll - A box Opening

Don't you just love doll sized boxes that come in the post?!

Opening the top, and then removing the tissue paper to reveal....


In the bubble wrap

Removing the bubble wrap... so excited to receive one of these fabulous dolls as I never thought I would ever have one as to buy one new direct from the shop is just way too prohibitive for my pocket especially with the extra customs fees on top so to find one being sold by a friend in the UK was just perfect.

Cheeky photo in her underwear.  Sorry about the 'leaning' table.

I knitted a top for her anticipating her arrival, but wasn't sure what size she would be for skirts/trousers so....

She borrowed a Sasha skirt initially which was way too big around the waist!  I also tried her with a short wig as she came with  a long dark brunette wig (unfortunately not her original red which would have been lovely).

Here she is with the wig she arrived with, wearing a skirt I quickly made her that fits better than the Sasha skirt (Alice is pleased about that as she was wearing it and had it whipped off her, so is happy to have it back).

The pixie look with a matching beret.

A close up of her sweet face.

The beret with the long haired wig.

Another close up.

This doll will take me a while to get used to, as she is unlike anything I have ever had before, but I am really pleased with her and feel quite excited about making quite different clothes to what I normally make.  

She is Smart Doll Resilient in Tea Colour.



  1. Thank you :) Yes amazing to find one here. I am really enjoying her, she is so very different to interact with than my other dolls.


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