Friday, 24 November 2017

Happy Birthday Peggy Sue

Yesterday was Peggy Sue's birthday, she has a very quiet day because 'Mum' wasn't up to doing much, but being the good girl that she is, she didn't worry about it.  Today her friend Morgan came round and to her surprise she was presented with a gift.

Oh gosh Morgan, for me?  Peggy Sue asked.

Of course it is, Happy Birthday Peggy Sue.  Morgan replied.

Peggy Sue was delighted to be remembered.

She was even more delighted with her present.  

Wow!  A hot water bottle.  She exclaims.  This is going to be perfect now it is so much colder at night.

What a great present!  Thank you so much Morgan.  

Normally I make Peggy Sue a birthday dress, but this year with all that is going on I just haven't had a chance, so instead she was treated to a new coat and beret.

She couldn't wait to try it on and see if it kept her warm outside.

Come back from her walk, she declares it was 'just right'.  


  1. happy birthday, Peggy Sue! I forgot yesterday since it was the US thanksgiving day and it is incredibly busy. It looks like you had a nice day!

    1. A nice quiet day with a friend is always nice. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day.

  2. The boys all wish Peggy Sue a Happy Birthday! Those a great presents. Now she will keep warm both outside and in bed.

    1. Thank you! Peggy Sue has been very snug in bed since getting her hot water bottle.

  3. I'm late - but Happy Birthday anyway, Peggy Sue!
    That new coat and beret set looks very smart, and I'm certain it will keep you warm coming winter.

    1. Thank you! Belated wishes are just as nice as birthday wishes.


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