Tuesday 28 November 2017

Kruselings Michael Reivew

Before I knew I would have to sell off a load of my dolls to pay for my treatments I had seen photos of these new articulated dolls that a friend sent me a link of an advertisement of these dolls in New Zealand (and Australia, where they first appeared).  I fully expected them to be quite expensive, but knew I really wanted one, even before I knew what size they actually were.

Well I discovered that they were soon to be released in the UK as well so I waited patiently and my boy arrived on Sunday (at my friend's place and she delivered him to me today).  

His display box has some lovely art work.

Information on the back, which reads

"For a hundred years there had been peace in Dreamland, when suddenly monsters emerged from the Sea of Dreams and upset everything.  Summoned by a glowing red heart, the great Fire Opal, five brave girls were sent out to save the dreams of the worled.  They are Luna, Vera, Chloe, Sofia and Joy."

Plus there is a boy and the back reads:

"Hi!  I'm Michael from Berlin, Germany.  When I'm not playing soccer with my friends, I'm always on the lookout for new adventures."

When I first made enquiries about this doll I was told 'He doesn't have magical powers'.  Well of course that didn't bother me in the slightest.  (Do dolls really have magical powers anyway? ;-)  )  I guess Peggy Sue would be able to debate that one well, and probably Henry too!  

Side of box.

Inside of the box - he is well attached!

I forgot to take photos of the back, but the flaps were taped with sellotape but then he also had plastic tie things that needed to be cut.

Worst of all these were also in the head - and stick out. I will need to find a fine pair of sharp scissors to trim these down.  Personally I wish toy companies wouldn't do this - I really can't see that is necessary.  

Freed from the box.

I like his little outfit.  The jacket does have pockets, but the opening is only big enough for the thumb.  His shoes are plastic with a bit of a split opening at the back.  A little worrying taking the shoes off for the first time as they are quite tight and I wouldn't want to break his ankle joints.  Not sure how easy a child would find this.

The jeans have sewn embellishments - forgot to take a close up photo and they do up at the back.  Yes both t shirt and jeans have the dreaded velcro, but that is easy for children I suppose.

He has a cute little pair of underwear.  Always nice when they come wearing undies!

He has great articulation, jointed at the wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, tops of legs, knees and feet.  He stands very securely.

He can kneel! 

Sit with his leg crossed over.

Has a little K embellished on his tummy.

Lovely face.  His hair is quite nice as well.

His head is a bit wobbly, and doesn't turn very freely.  I am a bit worried about trying to force it to turn in case it breaks as I don't know quite how these heads are attached.  I guess that is one of the biggest disappointing things.  

He is quite the character though and I think quite boyish in his looks and the poses he can achieve.

Side by side with my little Heartstrings Tommy. They can't share shoes, but should be able to share most clothing I think.  He definitely looks older than Tommy.

With my Raikes doll who is a similar height.  I think they might have similar size feet.  

He stands very well and secure and is very easy to pose.

Out in the garden with his 'twin' who also came round today when he was delivered.

His twin heads off without him.

Hey, wait for me!

He catches him up.

He really looks like he is walking.

Checking out the wildlife!

All in all I am really pleased with this little doll.  At a mere £23.99 I think he is a bargain considering the quality of his clothing, and his pose-ability.  I love dolls that can pose well, and of course also love boy dolls.  He is 9 inches tall so a nice portable size.

The major cons (and probably not that major) are the plastic ties stuck into his head and the fact his head wobbles and doesn't seem to turn much.  I would like to see these two things improved, otherwise I think he is great and I am pleased I have him.

I bought this little lad from the lovely Kathy of  'My Doll and Bear'  

Petalina are also going to be stocking them.


  1. He's so handsome! It's funny the Käthe Kruse company now do a jointed doll, as the original Käthe Kruse doll was designed so she didn't have any visible joints.
    The Kruselings are not easy to find even in Germany! Well maybe that's better, because there are already so many dolls in our small house...

    1. How interesting, I didn't know that. Thank you for letting me know. The trouble with dolls...they do seem to have a habit of multiplying!

  2. He's really cute and can pose so nicely. His eyes are especially nice. I think my boys' magical power is their ability to make Daddy Steve cater to their every whim ;-)

    1. Ha ha, that is what my husband says about Henry - he is convinced he has magical powers that influence me into getting him things!

  3. Well, he's quite a little darling, I'd day! He really is adorable. :)

  4. He is quite wonderful, Lorraine, especially at the price! Love the size, and love the joints :-)



  5. J'ai acheté et reçu cette poupée hier et horreur toutes ces petites attaches en plastique...Je n'en vois pas bien l'utilité....mais à part ça je le trouve mignon et suis d'accord avec ta présentation Bonne journée Fanfan
    traduit avec Google : I bought and received this doll yesterday and I hate all these little plastic ties ... I do not see the usefulness ... but other than that I find it cute and agree with your presentation Good day Fanfan


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