Monday, 20 November 2017

For Sale: Teddy Bears

Today some bears have sorted themselves out and decided who is going to look for some new homes.  

Offers between £10 and £15 for these bears (plus postage costs)

Contact me on Lorraine(AT)  (substituting AT for @)

This vintage bear has I believe wood wool stuffing.  He is very firm to the touch and is about 12 inches tall


This chunky fellow is also jointed and is about 15 inches tall.


Next up we have another lovely bear who has a growler.  He stands about 16.5 inches tall.


Now we have this Canterbury Bear from 1989 SOLD


Some lovely 'Teddy Bear Club Marquee' Great British Teddy Bears.  All with tags.  Again looking for between £10 and £15 for these guys (and gal!)  plus postage.  

This guy is complete with his tags.

His tag at the back says who is is lovingly handmade by.




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