Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Henry arrives home!

Peggy Sue had been standing waiting by the door all morning... in and out she had been going...

I can't understand the delay she said... when we want to sleep in the doorbell ALWAYS goes at about 7am...but today when we were up and ready, all we had to do was wait. 

Just before 11.30am the doorbell finally rang.

Peggy Sue dashed out and helped carry in the travelling box.

Henry, are you in there?  She calls

Can you hear us Henry?  Emily and Rory say in rather loud voices.

I think I can hear a muffling sound.  Rory says as they start to open the box.

Hey Henry, are you in there?  Peggy Sue says.  You are certainly well cocooned.

Rory is suddenly startled as something or someone sits up... argghh.... He says.

Oh gosh Henry, what have you got over your face?  Peggy Sue gasps.

Henry sits up and pulls the bandage down off his face.

'Tis okay, it is my 'compression' bandage, to make sure I don't get any blood clots or anything to my brain.  Henry reassures them.

Rory is relieved!

So how was it?  Did it go quickly? Rory bombards him with questions.

Give him a chance to get out first.  Emily tells Rory.

Out of his travel compartment, Henry finds his feet.

Hey you look a little different Henry.  Rory says.

But not too different.  Emily observes.

So good to have you home Henry.  Peggy Sue gives him a hug.

Henry turns round to say hello to Emily.

Peggy Sue can't resist touching his hair.  Ooh... she gasps.  It is so soft.

Hey, don't touch the hair!  Henry says.  I don't want it to fall out again.

It is okay Henry, it won't come out.  Peggy Sue reassures him.

That's right Henry.  All will be good now.  Emily says as she gives him a hug.  You will be able to go on all sorts of adventures now and wear whatever you want without fear of your hair falling out and going bald.

Really?  He says as he looks at her a little uncertain.

Absolutely Henry.  Rory tells him as he pats him on the shoulder.  

Yeah!  World here I come!

Thank you Pam for doing my 'surgery' and giving me new hair. 

I promise I'll remember to wear my compression bandage for a couple of weeks when I am resting.

Henry wants to show you a few photos of his new look. 
It is sleeker and smoother than before and a little darker.  

Sideways view.

From the back

So what do you think? 

Henry is pleased to have a full fringe again...it had been getting very sparse over the years, and although we had all got used to it like that, he thinks this look is pretty good.

So what shall we do now?  He asks.

You've got a parcel waiting for you Henry.  Emily tells him.

Yes all the way from the USA.  Peggy Sue says.

Oh, wow!  Henry gasps.  I am lucky....

To be continued....


I want to give a very special thanks to Pam for looking after Henry so well, and putting up with a very anxious 'mother' while he was undergoing surgery and for the steady supply of 'in progress' photos she sent.  Henry doesn't want to share those at the moment as he said they are of rather a 'personal' nature...but perhaps at a later stage.  We are so thrilled to have him home.

Creative 2019 - A Little Rag Doll

A couple of years ago I made some little rag dolls, and wanted to make another and so I started on Saturday.  I had to reprint the pattern pieces as couldn't find them!  This time I have decided to do a journal for her, and any other rag dolls I might make.  I've also copied the pattern pieces into the journal in case I ever lose them again, I have them in the book.  

I stitched a little heart on her chest.

Undergarments - pantaloons first.

Camisole top next.

A little blue dress

With a reversible apron - forgot to take a photo of the other side which is the same pattern but in yellow.

Journalling about the process.

Fabric swatches

I'm not so good at the faces!

Her face 'disappears'. 

So I gave her 'lip stick'.

I think she is better with brighter lips - the camera recognises her face now.

The back of her hair.

With her three sisters.  For some reason she seems bigger!

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Creative 2019 - Week Two

The sparks have been flying off my needles and a fair few other little items have been knitted. 

I started a mix n match wardrobe for Sindy.

I also knitted Sindy a little set consisting of a skirt, hat and jacket, using the last of some of my NZ wool bought back in 2015.

Moving on to Tressy

A new dress for Tressy

Plus a skirt

Which can go with a a couple of her knitted tops.
(I also made Sindy a skirt with the same fabric.)

So all in all a pretty productive week, averaging at least one, sometimes two items a day.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Creative 2019

This year I am hoping to be a lot more creative, whether it be through knitting, sewing, or writing blog stories, or some other craft.  To encourage the shift from 'buying' to using and enjoying what I have.  I am hoping to create at least one thing a day for the month of January.

While Henry is busy undergoing his 'surgery'  (I have been having regular updates, and he is behaving very well (of course) ) I have been knitting in the evenings for my Childhood Tressy doll.

First up I knitted this stylish grey dress, and made her a leather belt to go with it.

Next Day was a pleated skirt with polar neck top.

Apparently she wanted a swimsuit - very optimistic for this time of year!

Next was a classic dress

I started the 'shell' blouse for Sindy, but Tressy claimed it so I had to knit a skirt to match.

Then along came this set, and of course these two skirt and top sets can 'mix n match'.

Tressy is just so stylish and lovely to knit for.  It is good to be knitting again, and keeping things small, isn't so taxing.

I do have three orders to fulfil for Sasha and some Schoenhut dolls, and hoping to make a start on the first of those next week.