Thursday, 2 February 2017

Time for Tidying.

After having a couple of fun days with her friends Stevie and Everlee, Peggy Sue decided it was time to get her room in order.

She dusted the top of her little drawers. 

Reorganised her desk.

Sorted and tidied her toys.

Having decided to collect tea pots, although she only has one in her 'collection' which she has had quite a few years now, she thought she would show you how pretty it is. It is a little mini Sadler teapot.

Yesterday she was given a little silver spoon that I found in a lovely antique shop.  We saw several spoons just like this but they were all £12 and over...and then we spied this little one on a shelf and it was only £1!

It has a silver mark on the back.

Peggy Sue declares it is just the right size for her.

What shall we do now Little Owen? 


  1. I find that desk clutter is just impossible to keep under control. I love Peggy Sue's necklace and the framed family portrait.

    1. You and me both Steve! Peggy Sue made her necklace at the Sasha Festival last year. :-)

  2. What a tidy room now Peggy Sue. Please remind Reuben of the measurements for your bookcase, he wants to go and look at the timber supply in the workshop.

  3. Unbelievably, we have the same Sadler teapot, except ours is 20 cm high (not counting the lid) and 70 cm around!


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