Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Admiring her bookcase

So, Little Owen, what do you think?  Peggy Sue asks as she shows Little Owen her bookcase set up in her room.

It is looking pretty good.  Little Owen agrees.  I think a book is missing though...

Little Owen looks intently for HIS MOST IMPORTANT book.

Yes, it is definitely missing.  He thinks to himself.  

I think it must be over by the toy box where you were last reading it.  Peggy Sue informs him.  We will put it in the bookcase later.

Peggy Sue just can't stop looking at her bookcase and thinks it might also be a good place for her to display some of her shell collection.  

Now she has to decide whether she is going to paint it, varnish it, or leave it as it is, but that will have to wait until April. 


This bookcase is really special as it is very similar to one my Dad made me when I would have been a similar age to Peggy Sue.  Dad made mine from all wood, but it would have been a similar similar siaze and proportion to me as this is to her.   My Mum and Dad still have it - Mum incorporated it into a side wall divider unit she built years ago.  I must take a photo of it while I am over there.

A very big thank you to DollMum for helping to make this vision and dream into a reality.  It really does mean a lot to me as I was an avid reader as a young child (we had no television, and actually still don't and as such I still read a lot)  and books were very important to me.


  1. Love the little doll rooms / houses on the top shelf.
    We had TV, but I read a lot anyway as a child. My parents didn't care much for programs I was interested in, and vice versa. Those were the days back when a household had ONE TV set - not one per room...

    1. It amazes me just how many televisions some people do have nowadays! Every time we have been away and there has been a TV, I have never found anything worth watching anyway!

      I guess we miss some of the fabulous nature programmes, but they are eventually available on DVD anyway.

  2. Look beautiful, and Peggy Sue has room for even more books.

  3. She has a book lying down - was it too tall for the middle shelf? We couldn't have made it taller though because the piece of floorboard we used was only so long and we had to allow for saw cuts.
    We have one TV in the house only - I refuse to put them in every room and hate them in the bedroom as screens are bad for sleep. And as you know we have a house full of books, must be at least 1,000.

    1. Never fear that book fits on the bottom shelf no problem - she was just in the process of organising the bookcase. Little Owen's teddy bear book is also now on the second shelf so he is happy too.

      Most of our books are still currently packed up in book boxes - I think we must be close to 3000 books or even more - I need a library in our next house!


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