Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sewing on Sunday

Thinking about quilts for doll beds, I dug out a couple of my quilting books the other day for inspiration, but then realised I had a tin of hexagons partially sewn together and waiting to be sewn that were given to me a few years back.  (Actually I have four different groups of hexagon sizes that I have sewn over the years but will focus on these for now.)

I didn't like the way these hexagons had been sewn together as there didn't seem to be any real pattern to it so have unpicked some of them and am now resewing them together.  

Various colours

I have left some of the groups of three that were sewn together as is for now and starting to sew flowers.  I have been working out the colour combinations as seen in the above photo - random, but within a loose colour scheme.  So far two are finished, the yellows and the purples to the right of the picture. I would have liked a more 'boy orientated' colour scheme, but as these are already cut out and partially sewn it seems silly not to use them first.  I wonder if it is too ambitious to aim to have at least one doll bed quilt finished using these before the end of the month?


  1. I love the old hexagon quilts, but I've never done one. They have that quaint country cottage feel to them. I look forward to seeing it finished :) Jane x

  2. Oh good, you're sewing again - piecing together hexagon squares is away from the machine armchair stuff so hopefully not too painful.

  3. I too will enjoy seeing the finished product. My Mother-in-law is quite a quilter. I'm afraid I would very quickly get 'stuck' trying to group different patterns together.

  4. I agree about the sewn piece. The colours are so random to be unattractive and chaotic. The pieces are nice and I'm sure you'll soon have them organised into something beautiful. You certainly have the doll beds in need of bedding!


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