Friday, 14 July 2017

Fashion on Friday

In June I took part in a 'Math for Minis SAL+KAL or CAL = Big Fun Challenge on Ravelry.

I used this challenge to make a wardrobe for a little Madeline doll I was going to send to a friend's grand daughter in New Zealand.

I am not sure how many outfits I made in the end, or rather how many different outfits can be made out of the lot,  but several are 'mix and match' and reversible.  

A sleeveless dress

...which of course needs a little cardigan for when it gets cooler.

A long sleeve dress

Yellow sunshine dress.

Blue sky dress

A little apron is always handy.

A skirt and a top

Trousers and top

Underpants are always necessary!

Knitted undies.

A little top

which can be worn with a skirt

This top is fully reversible.

I made a little cardigan that can go over it, 

The cardigan also doubles as a top.  Plus socks were made.

The pink top also can be used with trousers.

I knitted a little blue one as well.

The blue an also go with the blue reversible sleeveless blouse and denim skirt

Or equally well with the pink side.

All the little items made.

Madeline dressed.

In the case ready to go...

All wrapped up and posted!

I haven't heard whether this has arrived yet, although am suspecting it must have as it was posted two weeks ago, but unfortunately they are currently on holiday!


  1. You've been busy! Did all of this dress making activity get your Madeline to thinking that she should have some more clothes? ;-)

    1. I haven't done so much since this was finished a couple of weeks ago! ;-) Yes, my Madeline does think she should have new clothes...she is also feeling that she has been a bit out of the limelight recently so not too pleased about that either, but I told her 'you all have to take turns'

  2. What a wonderful gift! Did you use knitting patterns for mini American Girl dolls? I've noticed that they and Madeline are similar in clothing sizes.

    1. Yes I do use knitting patterns for mini AG - some of them need to be tweaked a little, but generally they fit.

  3. Wow - have you ever been busy! What a great wardrobe for Madeline and a lucky recipient. I like all the outfits, especially the wee cardigans. The jean fabric skirt looks great with the tops. You must be proud of this accomplishment!

    1. This post has been sitting waiting to be published for the last couple of weeks...I was hoping to include the little girl's reaction, but it seems she is away at the moment at my friends place on 'the other island' ;-)

  4. What a wonderful wardrobe for a little doll and all in a little suitcase!! And what a lucky girl your friends granddaughter is! :) xx

    1. My friend's grand daughter has red hair, so I am hoping she will really like Madeline.

  5. What a great gift! All those fiddly little items, and the colours are cleverly chosen so they can be worn in different combinations. Your friend's granddaughter will have so much fun.


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