Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Happy 4th July!

My 'American'  English girls would like to wish their Sasha & Gregor Friends a ....

These six girls all came to me from the USA, even though they originated in England.

From left to right:
Weaver, Mary-Ellen, Sally, Cora, Susan, Alice

My 'real American' girls and boy also would like to wish their friends a...

From left to right:

Norma Jean, Edith, Janice, Astrid, Florence & Oliver William

Hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Lovely dolls! It's a wet and cool 4th July here, but I hope our American friends across the pond are having a nice sunny day for their celebrations :) x

  2. Thank you, Lorraine, for the Happy 4th wishes! We are hot and dry here, typical for July in Indiana :-)



  3. Nice pictures, Lorraine. It's interesting to think of how far some of our kids have traveled in their time.


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