Friday, 30 June 2017

Fashion on Friday - New Shoes!

Oh, what have we here? Peggy Sue wonders as she walks up to the table and sees a parcel on it.

A little parcel

for me!  

'To Peggy Sue, from your friend Maureen' 

Wow, is it really for me?  

I wonder what is inside?

Wow, red shoes!

Tying laces is tricky.

Really tricky!

Peggy Sue finally manages to tie her laces.

Wow, they sure look pretty.  She says as she admires them.

Look, don't they look nice.  I just have to find my red dress now...

They go even better with a red dress on.

Do you like my new shoes?

I think these shoes are made for dancing!

Da, de dah.

A twist and a turn,

I love my new red shoes! a slightly more sedate fashion.

Lewis tries on some new shoes as well.

Special shoes made just for me!  They fit well too.

Thank you!

A big thank you to our friend Maureen who made these fabulous new shoes for us.

Mum is going to get knitting tonight for you....and hopefully she will also make me a nice new red dress with short sleeves for summer!


  1. Very cute! Love the story, photos, and new shoes on both.

  2. Great looking shoes. What an adorable pair they make! Peggy Sue certainly knows how to turn on the charm.

    1. She certainly does, doesn't she Steve?!

  3. Shoes always make the perfect gift! Both pairs are so nice and look great on each doll. The fit is perfect. Lewis & Peggy Sue are lucky to have such a generous friend.

  4. How lucky Lewis and Peggy Sue are! I loved Peggy Sue's little dance. Ezri still continues to go barefoot ( much like myself ) I am wary of buying shoes for Ezri off ebay as it's hard to picture them just from a photo and description and I worry they may not fit and be waste of money as they do tend to be expensive. I look forward to seeing their new knits and Peggy Sue's new red dress :) Jane x

    1. They are lucky. I like being able to do a trade of one skill for another. Peggy Sue was thrilled to get some 'dancing' shoes as she calls them.

      Doll shoes are not cheap, so I can well understand your apprehension!

  5. They both look very happy with their gorgeous new shoes. Great performance, Peggy Sue!

    1. Thank you :-) Peggy Sue is pleased you enjoyed her little performance.

  6. Super new shoes for lucky Peggy Sue and Lewis. Does your friend take commissions?


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