Friday, 2 June 2017


As I have mentioned before I am selling my gorgeous Sasha Studio Doll.  I have been told that she is quite an early doll dating from 1946 - 1952 in part because she has realistically molded ears and other characteristics.  She is a BIII Studio doll, type 3 head, type B Body.   She has a beautiful wistful pensive face and expression.  Her hair is human hair, but I don't know if it is original to her or not, I suspect it is probably is.  It is believed that her underwear and dress is original but her extra clothes were probably added later.  The cape may also have been original?

She is by no means perfect, so if you are looking for a 'perfect' studio doll then she is not for you.  She has 'history' to her and there are several theories as to what this is.  Please contact me via email if interested.  I am currently working out a ball park region for what I would like for her, but don't feel frightened to offer a realistic price.  I can either say 'yes, no, or let's negotiate'.  I have not followed the trends of what these dolls are worth since I bought her in 2015, but I would like to at least cover the cost of her purchase.

I have included lots of photos below so you can assess whether you are seriously interested or not and I have more photos available.

Original white felt arm holes.

She was 'formally' introduced on this blog post here: Introducing Ingrid.


  1. Wow! She is lovely! The possibilities of owning a Sasha Studio doll are limited and this would be a great opportunity for someone to realise the dream of their own Studio doll. I really like her clothing - very vintage and appropriate to her. I guess I'd say she shows lots of individuality and character. This is a most unique doll.

  2. Ingrid is gorgeous, she has such a serene calming expression on her face and I'm sure you'll be very sad to part with her.

  3. So sad that you are having to part with her but I do hope that she finds her new home very soon.

  4. She has such a striking face and I love her clothing! All the handwork xx


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