Thursday, 18 January 2018


It's a purple kind of day today apparently, at least according to the lore of Everlee Rose Morgan.

She braved the outdoors, after a very windy night to check that all was well with the garden. 

Fortunately all that blew over was the bird feeder and it wasn't damaged.

The NZ Hebe is flowering and it matched her clothes.

Very soon she comes in and admires the orchids on the window sill.

Careful up there!

Everlee is one of the dolls that I have chosen to focus on this year, so you may see a lot more of her in the weeks and months to come.


  1. I LOVE the colour purple and 'Once upon a time' my Sasha girls formed a purple/lilac club and to be a member you had to wear these colours as much as possible.
    Your Everlee would have been very welcome and fitted in superbly.

    1. I LOVE the colour purple as well, and quite clearly Everlee does as well. You may remember Stevie is also keen on purple, so that is at least two Sasha kids who are :) How fun your girls formed a purple/lilac club!

  2. love all the purple clothes and flowers! Can't believe your orchids are doing so well! Mine all finally died. Guess it is not humid enough

    1. The orchids do really well in that room. I looked after the Sailors for months but had to give them back when he arrived home...these were bought for me on our wedding anniversary and seem to be doing really well too. The humidity levels in that room are about 40% and the temperature probably averages about 14 - 16 degrees C in there.

  3. Your orchids are fantastic, and Everlee fits in very well between them. She is such a pretty girl, she reminds me of my Ellie.


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