Wednesday, 17 January 2018

An Un-boxing.

An unboxing is always fun, and it has been some time since we have had one here....

Peggy Sue and Lewis are intrigued....

Ooh, can you hear noises?  Peggy Sue asks Lewis

I think so.  Lewis replies.

Gosh, something is moving in there.  Peggy Sue gasps.

Is anyone there?  Peggy Sue asks cautiously 

Here, I'll help you.  Gosh what a way to travel.  Lewis says as he helps Peggy Sue get the 'mummy' out of the box.

With their help, the 'mummy' is freed and it isn't a mummy at all!

I'm here!  She says.

You certainly are.  Lewis replies.

Who are you?  She asks.

I'm Lewis.  More importantly....who are YOU. He asks.

Why, I am not sure....but I have travelled a long way, and it is a bit warmer here than where I left!  

Peggy Sue looks stunned.  You are kidding me!  She says. It is not very warm here.
Oh I can assure you, it was much colder where I have come from. The new girls says.

They sit down together.

All I remember is lots and lots of snow, doing a few limbering up exercises and then all of a sudden I am wrapped up and put in a box.  Oh and where is my little doll companion?  She asks.

Fortunately her little friend was close by.  

They chat for a while and then Peggy Sue goes to find her some clothes to borrow until she has something of her own to wear.

That is better!

Welcome to Rose Cottage little one.  We look forward to learning your name.

Thank you to the lovely lady who allowed me to adopt this girl - she came from the same home as Lewis, although they never met!


  1. Welcome to your new girl. How lovely to have some unboxing fun as I know you've been boxing up rather than unboxing recently.

    1. It was a real treat...and yes rather a lot of boxing up, and still more to do sadly.

  2. What a lovely addition to your Rose Cottage kids. I bet she, Peggy Sue and Lewis will all be great friends. I can't wait to find out more about her.

  3. She is beautiful and perfect! Her hair is so full! Where did you ever find this beauty?

    1. Thank you, she is wonderful and I am so thrilled with her. She came from the same person I bought Lewis from.

  4. She's a beautiful little lady Lorraine. She's going to love it with her new brother and sister.

    1. Thank you Debbie, I am so thrilled with her, I keep looking at her and can't quite believe she is mine!


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