Thursday, 24 May 2018

Thankful Thursday

The other day whilst browsing through some of my old posts I came across this photo of Weaver taken in 2013:

I wrote this about her on FB that same day:
I've had this gorgeous girl up for sale since I think around September time last year and despite being negotiable there has been no interest in her...seeing this photo that I stumbled on today while looking for some 'hat' photos I really can't understand why, she is stunning! I think she might just have to stay!

Anyway I decided to give her a freshen up, and redress her in that gorgeous pink dress and add the charming jacket that goes with it so beautifully.

Looking a little pensive

I am thankful that I have such beautiful dolls.  


  1. She is gorgeous. That eye style is one of my favourites, and it shows beautifully in her first photo.
    Thank you for another glimpse at the forget me nots!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing her and you next week.


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