Monday, 28 May 2018

Blue Monday

There was lots of 'blue' today, we had quite the gathering of Sasha boys and girls dressed in blue,  but the one featured today is little Bonnie, who was given a new outfit by DollMum and her daughter.

She is showing how well she can walk on her own. 

There are not so many Forget me nots left, so I should have perhaps photographed several dolls in one day, not one doll a day!  Oh well, never mind.


  1. We are glad you like your new blue outfit Bonnie, the blouse matches the forget-me-nots very well.

  2. Bonnie, you look delightful in your new blue outfit, I'm glad we picked that one from the pile of raffle prizes we won.
    For the others in blue who visited your home see


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